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In the fast growing economies, people are looking for the safe opportunity of their investment.Ceid in this way is synonymous with lasting quality, fast service and unparalleled expertise for project development.Our consultancy have been pivotal in shaping modern biogas project in India along with agri-business, solar, hydel and petrochemical.

We make sure to add value to your money.

Guaranteed Quality

We Cater the customized solution to our every client as per their need. The experienced CEID team guarantees the smooth implementation of the whole project.Our international experience adds the flavor of irreplaceable standards. While giving a reliable and optimized solution, cost effectiveness is always our concern.

Strong Association

To ensure that you get the perfect business solution for your specific requirements, we do not rely exclusively on our own know-how but also on our academics and business partners. When necessary, we bring in competent partners to assist with planning, permit procedures or assembly.By doing so we guarantee that our projects are exactly what you would expect from us right down to the last detail.

AAzadi Soch Ki To Serve With Love

If You Want to start an industry successfully and profitably, you need a partner you can rely on. Our Customers appreciate the efficiency and cost-effectiveness when the Licensing, Planning, Construction and on-going support for their project is provided from a single source.This is why CEID can offer you a complete services package to safeguard your investment.

Project Development

- Input Analysis -
- Plant Rating -
- Financial aspects -
- Profitability analysis -


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